Rare Saint Whisky
Rare Saint bottles Bourbon barrels on a shelf Rare Saint Whiskey pouring into glass
In every 100 barrels of whiskey, there is always one RARE SAINT

Whether reflecting in solitude, or a shared experience with close friends, savoring a fine and rare whiskey can feel like a religious experience.


Rare Saint Whiskey brand was born amidst the ambiance of a world-class steakhouse, and a small group of friends pondering the question: if we could put this evening in a bottle, what would it be?

Rare Saint emerged – a whiskey brand that reveres the almost spiritual pleasure of enjoying a meticulously crafted bourbon amidst the warmth of friendship. It is the whiskey embodiment of the steakhouse experience: lavish, indulgent, and memorable.


Great spirits are not just distilled, they are designed. The ingredients, the mash bill, the barrels and aging process must be carefully chosen to reflect the intent of the master distiller. Every whiskey connoisseur is searching for a whiskey that is the culmination of all things done to perfection where every drop tells a story of craftsmanship and camaraderie.

The bedrock of Rare Saint is an expert tasting panel of true whiskey connoisseurs who have meticulously curated one of the most robust single-barrel bar programs in the world. Rooted in a passion for sourcing the world’s finest barrels and only bottling whiskey that surpasses expectations.

In every 100 barrels of whiskey, there is always one Rare Saint.


Rare Saint Whiskey brand is currently launching with limited supply in select restaurants and bars in Indianapolis, IN. As additional Rare Saint barrels are fully matured later this year, we plan to launch in grocery and liquor stores as early as September.


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