Rare Saint Whisky
Rare Saint Wheated Bourbon
Wheated Bourbon

Age: 6 year minimum

Mash bill: 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Barley


Designed for indulging amongst the warmth of friends, Rare Saint Wheated Bourbon melds the meticulously curated 51% corn, 45% wheat and 4% barley mash bill into a delicate sipping bourbon.

A sweet nose with a presence of caramel, honey, rich vanilla bean coupled with soft notes of cinnamon. The taste is a smooth balance of butterscotch with soft oak woodiness. The finish features a sweet toasted sugar flair.



Nose: caramel, honey, vanilla, hint of cinnamon

Taste: balanced, light oak, hint of butterscotch

Finish: smooth and light, toasted sugar finish

Rare Saint Wheated Bourbon


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